Saturday, March 15, 2008

Magnesium Burning Between Bricks of Dry Ice

If you thought that nothing could burn while sandwiched between two bricks of dry ice -- think again. Magnesium can combust in an atmosphere of pure carbon dioxide.

Elephant Toothpaste

Mix concentrated hydrogen peroxide with dial soap, add a pinch of sodium iodide, and a fountain of oxygen-filled bubbles will erupt from the container.

Mysterious Reaction Creates an Undulating Brew

In 1973, this spectacular demonstration was perfected by Thomas Briggs and Warren Rauscher, two amazing high school science teachers. When several clear liquids are combined, the mixture quickly changes colors -- back and forth -- over and over again.

German Scientist Spits Flaming Spores

When flammable powders are dispersed in the air, they can explode. Throughout history, that phenomenon has lead to explosions in grain storage facilities. In this case, the scientist ignites a cloud of lycopodium spores.

Gummy Bear Dies a Fiery Death in Potassium Chlorate

Melt the oxygen-supplying chemical potassium chlorate, drop in some candy, and a fantastic display of fireworks will follow.

Thermite vs. Liquid Nitrogen

The British science show Brainiac asked one of the greatest scientific questions of all time: can liquid nitrogen freeze molten iron?